Just like our own bodies, plant life needs a variety of nutrients in order to maintain optimum health. Fertilizer provides these nutrients for plants. It also helps protect against invasive plants and insects that can damage your lawn. We’ve narrowed down the worst threats for Utah County landscaping and have a plan to keep your yard in great shape all year round.

  • Weeds


    Broadleaf weeds are the most common variety in Utah, and they can leave your lawn looking patchy and uneven. They spread quickly and are stubbornly hardy, but Summit Lawn & Pest Control has everything under control. We take care of weeds with a double-sided approach. The first, is to eradicate the weeds themselves. The second, is to fortify and strengthen your lawn and its root system so the weeds can’t come back.

  • Necrotic Ring


    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to lawn diseases.When preventing lawn disease, our main focus is to strengthen your lawn with proper care and fertilization. For existing problems, a little TLC goes a long way to restoring health and maintaining it. If your lawn is looking unwell, we can diagnose the problem and get it fixed up in no time.

  • Dandy Lions


    The pretty yellow blossoms are charming in low doses, but it doesn't take long for dandelions to take over an entire lawn. These broad leaf weeds spread their white puffy seeds so quickly, that one rapidly becomes many. When it comes to dandelions: getting rid of them before they go to seed and fortifying your lawn against further infestation are the key elements.

  • Cab Grass

    Crab Grass

    Crab grass is a subtle enemy, showing up a few blades at a time, but it can quickly crowd out your entire lawn, if left alone. However, crab grass has a shorter growing season than other grass varieties. So, it can be kept at bay by strengthening your lawn; leaving no room for crab grass to move in. Pre-emergent treatments keep crab grass seeds from sprouting and these two methods combined will keep your lawn looking beautiful.

  • Grubs

    Grubs & Other Lawn Pests

    Turfgrass insects are those that attack the roots or blades of your grass. Root eaters, like grubs, can destroy a lawn if they are left unchecked. You don’t see them on the surface, but brown blades of grass and loose soil are tell-tale signs that they’re gorging just under the surface. Regular pest control for your lawn keeps grubs and other problem bugs at bay.